• December 16, 2020



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EDGE Green Building expert

Arch. Cynthia Kimani has achieved EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) Green Building expert certification from International Finance Corporation (IFC )becoming the first in TRIAD . She became a holder of this qualification after undergoing training and passing the EDGE examination

Various recognized organizations have established criteria for use in the construction industry to ensure the design and construction of sustainable buildings e.g., EDGE is an innovation of IFC.

EDGE was created in response to the need for a measurable and credible solution to prove the business case for building green to unlock financial investment. EDGE uses a cloud-based platform to calculate the cost of going green and utility savings through a set of city-based climate and cost data; consumption patterns and algorithms for predicting the most accurate performance results.

In line with TRIAD Architects’ core value ‘Stewardship of a Sustainable Environment’, EDGE qualification plays a vital role in upcoming projects design ever since conversations on fighting climate change began.

We interviewed Arch. Cynthia to understand what EDGE Certification means to her and her architectural practice.

1. Congratulations Architect Cynthia for becoming an EDGE Building Expert. Tell us, who is an EDGE Expert and what does it feel to be one? 

Arch Cynthia: An EDGE Expert is a professional who helps a developer, owner and larger project team understand the EDGE standard, software and certification system. The EDGE Expert advices on green design and assists with the preparation of an application for EDGE certification. Feeling – exciting, endless opportunities to positively impact the environment and architectural design.

2. Who gets certified or qualifies for EDGE Building certification? 

Arch Cynthia: Anyone with a higher education qualification in a construction industry related field or three years of experience working in the construction industry (as a skilled professional or tradesperson).

3. Take us through the certification process. 

Arch. Cynthia: The first step is to undertake the EDGE technical online workshop which consists of on-demand sessions OR register and attend an EDGE Experts live stream training scheduled by EDGE certifiers. These live stream trainings are spread over 2-day sessions where interested learners join an online workshop from anywhere in the world.

4. How long will you be an EDGE Building Expert?

Arch. Cynthia: Certification does not expire neither does it require annual renewal much like the EDGE project certification. There is however a constant need to use the app in order to keep up to date with the regular App updates, keep abreast with emerging technologies and refresh your knowledge.

5. What does this certification mean to you and TRIAD Architects?

Arch Cynthia: Value transfer, brand visibility, better customer satisfaction, better response to market demand, product differentiation.

6. What should we expect from you and TRIAD Architects moving forward?

Arch. Cynthia: Sustainably conscious designs. Better client advisory and more of my colleagues qualifying as EDGE Experts for the greater good of our environment.

7. Who would you recommend the training to?

Arch. Cynthia: All built industry professionals.