• April 18, 2007



1100 650 Triad Architects

After winning the architectural competition Triad Architects were commissioned to design the Headquarters extensions of Bank of Kigali in August 2004. The project entailed building a new modern office block adjacent to the existing headquarters building with interconnecting corridors between the two. The new 7-storey building would house the head office and a large modernized Retail Branch on two levels. The old 3-storey building, which had become too small for the expanding Bank operations, will be modernized for rental purposes and allow space for future expansion of the Bank.

The design approach by Triad included innovative solutions for the key challenges on this site. The main elevations of the new block was oriented north-south to reduce direct sun penetration. The solar glazing panels proposed have unified the old building with the modern style for the whole scheme. Two basement levels were created, taking advantage of the slope to achieve 180 parking spaces for visitors and staff, while keeping the ground floor entrance off the main street.

Client:Bank of Kigali
Project Location: Kigali, Rwanda
Gross Area:12,000 sq. Meters
Completion Date: December 6, 2006
Project Partner: Julius Kibwage
Project Architect: Farid Ahmed