The projects and interventions undertaken in this sector are:

a. Refurbishment of Primary Schools’ Facilities. The projects completed to date are:

  • Muthaiga Primary School – Refurbishment of 2No. classrooms and toilets
  • Martin Luther Primary School refurbishment and equipping of the hearing impaired class
  • The Kenya High School Chapel – Refurbishment of the Chapel

b. Partnerships with other organizations in their CSR projects. Such projects include:

  • Murema Primary School: Design and Construction Supervision of the toilet blocks, in partnership with Actis.
  • Olympic Primary School: Design and Construction Supervision of additional 15No. Classrooms, in partnership with, Britam Tower LLP.

c. Triad Academy/ Student visits to Triad

Triad Junior Internship Program:

Students from various high schools are invited to visit Triad for a few days to get inspired by Architecture. Triad’s Mentorship Champions guide the student through the processes involved in the architectural profession, and offer advice on the subjects required to enroll in the Schools of Architecture. They design their one bedroom ‘dream home’, with guidance from the Mentorship Champions.

Once the designs are complete, the students make a paper model of this ‘dream home’ which they take with them, which in our hope, serves as a reminder of all the identified great reasons to pursue Architecture

Triad Internship Program (University Students)

This program has run in TRIAD for several decades and quite a number of today’s Architects have been beneficiaries. Triad formalized the training by developing a Log Book that students are required to fill in during their attachment. The students are usually under a training officer tasked as the students’ mentor and point of contact in the company. The students are assigned specific activities at various project stages from inception to completion. We take two students at a time during their 3-months’ vacation from the three local Schools of Architecture. We also accommodate students on their 12 months gap year from overseas universities.

Career Talks at Local High Schools.

TRIAD with close consultation and approval by the schools’ administration, organizes and attends interactive career sessions with high school students at their schools. These are useful career advisory sessions, where the students openly query and discuss the career options in the construction industry. To TRIAD, it’s never too early to start the making of the Architects of the future. We firmly believe that the future quality of our ‘built-scape’ is as good as the quality of the nurture by the industry stakeholders.

d. Career talks for Universities

This Initiative is the partnership between Triad and the 3 Schools of Architecture in the Country. Triad has been a maverick in the Architectural profession since inception, and these platforms help Triad shape the discourse and general attitude towards practice amongst the schools involved in training. Triad presents it’s on the drawing board portfolio as well as built works in order to inspire excellence in the profession.

The main activities carried out during these forums are:

  • Triad presents some of the upcoming exciting projects being worked on in the office- By doing this Triad gives the students an insight on the reality of how projects are realized and most importantly the students learn from these presentations, the importance of the profession in the built environment.
  • Triad also attends some of the critical students’ presentations that are held at the universities to offer industry bias critiques that help the students to appreciate realities in construction and with a professional view. (Usually , presentations by 4th, 5th and 6th year students)

e. Donation of furniture and equipment to institutions

f. Students competitions

As part of the Triad@50 celebrations, a Triad@50 Student design competition was held. This was an exciting and interesting undertaking where Triad received and awarded various creative entries. Triad plans to carry on and arrange such competitions in the future.