• December 18, 2003

DFID – Offices for Department For International Development

DFID – Offices for Department For International Development

800 600 Triad Architects

Triad were appointed under a call-down contract by Levitt Bernstein of London to design and carry out the supervision of the new Department for International Development’s offices in Kigali. DFID is the British Government department responsible for administering foreign aid, and decided to relocate the Great Lakes operations from London to Kigali.

The office building constructed in the grounds of the British Embassy building in Kigali is a high security building and is finished with bomb blast proof windows and security systems and is designed to an international standard.

Triad were responsible for the project from inception through to completion, including supervision. The project was handed over in December 2003. The project value is $2 million at 2008 values and the area of the building is 700 square metres.

Client:Department for International Development
Project Location: Kigali, Rwanda
Gross Area:700 sq.meters
Completion Date: December 5, 2003
Project Partner: Levitt Bernstein
Project Architect: Triad Architects