• September 3, 2018



1557 965 Triad Architects

We live in a world where architecture is only relevant to people who digest it directly and remain irrelevant to those who can only dream but never afford its comfort.

Since shelter is a basic need, good architecture brings solutions, value and an identity in the built environment that the community can protect. All these considerations have influenced the design of Genesis Joy Primary School in Mathare Slum, Nairobi. The new classroom block promises to transform the lives of pupils who will use it. Designed by Triad Architects as a way of giving back to the community, the four storey classrooms block offers all the solutions that the school has been dreaming of.


Genesis Joy serves both as a Primary and a Secondary Schools. Being classified as an alternative provider of basic education, it does not receive financial or any other facilities support from the Ministry of Education. The school has a team of 19 teachers who work for 112 secondary school students and 300 primary school pupils.

The new block will have 12 classrooms, a library, staff room and an office on the top floor.


The roof slab will be used as an open terrace for holding small academic meetings and other school activities. A total number of 21 washrooms will serve the students and the school teachers separately per floor. Rain water will be harvest from the pitched roof and stored in an underground tank to be built below the staircase.

All classrooms enjoy the advantage of a cross ventilation which will ensure the students are of good health. Natural lighting is through large windows oriented in the Northern and Southern directions. This will ensure the  students are not directly exposed to harmful sun rays.

The staircase walling is well perforated to allow natural illumination and ventilation.

The design processes the needs of students in an urban slum setting to provide a desired space where students can yearn to be. It has interesting architectural features on the facades to bring out the uniqueness of its purpose in the community. This design is a pace setter to the surrounding human dwellings.


On 17th July 2018, Triad Architects headed the groundbreaking of the new classrooms block which will serve 297 students. The project will be funded by different partners who appreciate the act of coming together. Further financial contributions by willing individuals are welcomed in the construction of this noble solution.