• January 18, 2017

GTC -Global Trade Centre Nairobi

GTC -Global Trade Centre Nairobi

959 719 Triad Architects

The GTC Centre is one sophisticatedly designed and extraordinarily built cluster of 6No. high-rise buildings that form a unique Mixed-use-Development. The towers rise to different floor levels and signify a well thought design style from the functions inside to the form outside, as designed by TRIAD Architects and GMP Architects for AVIC International.

The GTC Centre is designed to provide a peaceful home, an inspiring work environment for the leading elites in the corporate world. It has distinguished volumes crafted with top finishes to reflect opulence and elegance. The language spoken here represents the long existence of a prudent culture.

The GTC Residential complex comprises of 4-towers built as apartment blocks with a range of units from 1-bedroomeds, 2-bedrooms to 3-bedrooms and 4-bedroomed. These serviced luxurious apartments will provide residence to fortune 500 companies corporate and business leaders in the world. The apartments rise from between 28 and 31floors above ground in the four blocks and offer spectacular views to Nairobi’s Central Business District from the vantage point where the establishment sits.

The centre has a mall that sits in the podium of the western wing of the GTC Centre facing Chiromo lane. It is designed to provide various activities and sectors to serve the GTC Centre users. The mall is developed at the heart of the complex offering visual continuity and special correlation with the other developments of the GTC Centre through a glass façade.

On the eastern end facing Westlands Rd is a 143 metres high hotel house the newest five-star hotel branded JW Marriott. The hotel offers 317 guestrooms and 51 serviced apartments, an 800 sq. m Grand Ballroom and 7 conference rooms.

On the facing Waiyaki Way, an office block rises 42 floors becoming the highest office block in Nairobi City with spectacular views of the city and the surrounding.

Client:Avic International Real Estate Ltd
Project Location: Chiromo, Westlands
Gross Area:147,000 sq. Meters
Completion : 2022
Project Director: Julius Kibwage
Project Architects: Julius Talaam, Sujesh Patel