• December 18, 1994

Komarock Phase 2 Housing Estate

Komarock Phase 2 Housing Estate

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In 1991 Triad Architects were commissioned by the Kenya Building Society for the development of Phase II of their housing estate in Komarock Estate in Kayole area.

The brief called for development of medium income houses for sale to the general public. Following investigations, the site of 8.1 hectares was sub-divided into 394 plots and house types of two, three and four bedroomed units were developed, including roads, sewers and all infrastructure. After various studies a ration of 7% for 4 bedroomed, 23% for 3 bedroomed and 70% for 2 bedroomed was arrived at. Also inculded were 14 number shop/flat units. The overall density of housing units was 43.4 units per hectare.

The site was developed on the concept of cluster of houses round a common open space. This provided a secure cluster consisting of 60 units on average.

The construction was carried out by two contractors on a 7-phase rolling construction and was successfully completed for sale in 1994.

Client: Kenya Building Society
Project Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Gross Area: 3845 sq. metres
Completion : 1994
Project Partner: James Gitoho
Project Architect: Wambaa Mungai