• March 13, 2020



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It is hard to come by an environment that provides all the spaces that humans need to reside in a city. These environments can be set up in a single building or multiple buildings in a small area designed to embrace all. Such buildings are commonly referred to as mixed-use buildings. They attract up to three different functions and activities, all under one roof.

The GTC Centre is one sophisticatedly designed and extraordinarily built cluster of 6No. high-rise buildings that have transformed how Nairobi responds to architectural Mixed-use-Developments. With the towers rising to different floor levels, this development is a great success to TRIAD Architects and GMP Architects as it epitomizes the stability of our practice in construction of skyscrapers and is the biggest single built project in size up to date. Developed by AVIC International as their first real estate project, GTC Centre signifies a well thought design style from the functions inside to the form outside.

The GTC Centre is designed to provide a peaceful home, an inspiring work environment for the leading elites in the corporate world. It has distinguished volumes crafted with top finishes to reflect opulence and elegance. The language spoken here represents the long existence of a prudent culture.

The Residential Apartments

The GTC Residential complex comprises of 4-towers built as apartment blocks with a range of units from 1-bedroomeds, 2-bedrooms to 3-bedrooms and 4-bedroomed Penthouses at the topmost floor of each tower. These serviced luxurious apartments will provide residence to fortune 500 companies corporate and business leaders in the world. The apartments rise from between 28 and 31floors above ground in the four blocks and offer spectacular views to Nairobi’s Central Business District from the vantage point where the establishment sits. All services are adequately provided in these top elegant homes. The detailed design philosophy provides a top choice residence stay for top talents from all corners of the earth with tenancy programs.

Served by two lifts, these, 3-bedroom apartments with adequate natural lighting are ultimately irresistible. Each apartment is supported by 2 parking slots provided on the lower levels. The penthouses occupy 332sq.m, Two-bedroom apartments occupy 109sq.m while one-bedroom apartments occupy 82sq.m. They all meet the design expectations and achieve opulence as the three-bedroom apartments. These spaces provide astonishing examples of freedom and privacy in a family setting and interactive social corridors with the larger community.

The apartment community boasts and 9600 sq. m) rooftop garden featuring amenities such as pools for adults/children, leisure gathering lawns, Children’s Art Playground, Jogging Loop, etc. It also features an about 3,181 sq. m Sky private club, providing refined life services such as gym, spa, hair & nail salon, café, mini cinema, etc. Living in the Opulent Apartment will be an ultimate experience of pleasure.


3 Bedroom Apartment Option 1

3 Bedroom Apartment Option 2

GTC 2 Bedroom apartment

GTC 1 Bedroom apartment

The Mall

This mall sits in the podium of the western wing of the GTC Centre facing Chiromo lane. It is designed to provide various activities and sectors to serve the GTC Centre users. The mall is developed at the heart of the complex offering visual continuity and special correlation with the other developments of the GTC Centre through a glass façade. GTC Boutique Mall consists of an independent four-storey retail (GF-3F) and the bottom three-story retail from the GTC Office Tower (GF-2F), connected by two aerial corridors. The commercial sectors provided for include boutique supermarket, banks, catering services, children’s playground, home furnishing, healthcare and daily services, to perform all-round functions in life. An entire floor is planned to be dedicated to fine dining, including a premium dining space of about 900 sq. m, a food court of about 200 sq. m and a casual dining space of about 300 sq. m, offering a wide selection of international cuisine to
bring nourishment to both your life and work.

Light will be channeled into the mall through a vibrant atrium that promote human connectivity throughout the floors. A twisting staircase through the atrium rises one floor to show the flow of interactive activities.

The Hotel Tower

On the eastern end facing Westlands Rd is a 143 metres high hotel tower. This will be the tallest hotel in Nairobi targeting top profiles in the business world. It will offer panoramic city views from hotel rooms giving guests an experience like none other. The GTC Centre hotel tower will house the newest five-star hotel branded JW Marriott. The hotel not only offers 317 guestrooms and 51 serviced apartments but also features an 800 sq. m Grand Ballroom and 7 conference rooms, destined to become the top hospitality preference for international political leaders, and conferences.

It has grand interior features to bring out the opulence in material selection, high profile finishes and classical furniture selection. This is harmoniously brought out by design that is carefully put together to reflect the identity of its targeted guests.





GTC Boutique Mall

A twisting staircase in the GTC Mall

GTC Centre Terrace

GTC Centre Terrace