• December 18, 2016

Mae Ridge Housing

Mae Ridge Housing

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Pan Africa Insurance Holding Ltd is a Kenya-based international public company dealing with long term insurance, investment general property business and property development.

They own a 72-acre parcel of land in Runda and propose to do a residential development on 52 acres sub-divided into 82no. residential ½-acre plots, and set aside the rest for a commercial development.

They sought to recruit architects for the design and supervision of the same by competitive evaluation of proposals for the development.

Triad’s remarkable architectural proposal and impressive portfolio got them commissioned, jointly with another architect with an objective to providing a variety of houses with distinctly different characters.

The houses under development are up-market 4 & 5-bedroom family homes offering style, relaxation and outdoor living for Nairobi’s upcoming middle class. They range in size from 470 to 515sq.m offering all modern conveniences with environmentfriendly designs incorporating micro-generation technology to supplement their own energy demands/consumption.

The first phase should be on site by December 2008.

Client: Pan Africa Holdings Limited
Project Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Gross Area: 52-acre site
Completion : 2015
Project Partner: Tim Vaulkhard
Project Architect: Naomi Ndolo