• December 18, 2007

Mombasa Continental Resort

Mombasa Continental Resort

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Mombasa Continental Resort is a 25 year old 5-star hotel at the North coast of Mombasa, about 20km north of the City of Mombasa. The hotel, originally the Inter Continental Hotel, has been closed for the last six years.

Triad Architects was commissioned to head a team of consultants to rehabilitate this hotel to its original standard. The hotel, with its 187 rooms which include two presidential suites, is centrally air conditioned and this posed a challenge in terms of the running cost of keeping the 4-storey lobby atrium air-conditioned. There are four kitchens supported by fourteen cold rooms, store and boiler rooms.

Extensive surveys were carried out and refurbishment work commenced. The existing casino and discotheque were rehabilited and provided with an external access for the public. A water sports centre has also be developed to complement the entertainment facilities provided by the hotel.

Client: Kenga Equatorial Hotels Limited
Project Location: Mombasa, Kenya
Gross Area:25,000sq.metre
Completion : 2007
Project Partner: James Gitoho
Project Architect: Cynthia Watola