• July 18, 2007

Nairobi Hospital – South Wing

Nairobi Hospital – South Wing

800 600 Triad Architects

Triad Architects were commissioned to design a private wing of 36 en-suite rooms at the Nairobi Hospital. The three-storey building, with parking facilities for 68 cars, links to the Mia Carberry wing of the hospital on the first floor.

The concept of the building was based on creating private rooms to match a homely as well as hotel-like environment for the comfort of patients. The new building has been designed to blend in with the existing hospital building where natural bush-hammered stone was used as external walling to match various existing facilities within the hospital.

Each floor accommodates a reception area, centralised nurses station bordered by kitchen and storage facilities and twelve ensuite rooms, each fitted with the latest decor and bunker seats with storage spaces below.

The rooms are designated in three quarters on each floor, with each quarter of rooms defined by a different colour theme on the walls. The bathrooms are fitted with modern granite tops, bathtub and shower facilities as well as disabled user. Curved balconies to the rooms create a good backdrop to the building facades.

Each floor level within the South Wing corresponds to floor levels on the ramp, which in turn lead to various floor levels of the Maia Carberry building.
The South Wing is patient friendly and has a peaceful atmosphere to accelerate recovery.

Client: Nairobi Hospital
Project Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Gross Area: 2000sq.metres
Completion : 2007
Project Partner: James Gitoho
Project Architect: George Goko