• July 18, 1992

National Industrial Credit

National Industrial Credit

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This four-storey office block which was completed in July 1992 was designed for an institutional client as part of their investment portfolio. NIC are a finance house and apart from providing them with a core asset NIC required a financially viable building to finance borrowing for the project. The area of the building is 3750 square metres, with office wings of 500 square metres. The car parking is provided in a silo behind the office building. The building is designed for future extension to eight storeys. The external finish is washed terrazzo and concrete tile roof. The building has its own standby generator, borehole and enlarged water storage.

Triad have also provided interior design services to all the tenants in the building, including two banks, the Barclays Card Centre, NIC’s main offices, and various departments of Barclays Bank of Kenya country wide operations.

Client:National Industrial Credit
Project Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Gross Area:3750sq.metres (Phase 1)
Completion : 1992
Project Partner: D. Brostow & Tim Vaulkhard
Project Architect: D. Patel