• December 18, 1978

Norfolk Towers

Norfolk Towers

800 600 Triad Architects

In 1976 TRIAD were commissioned by Kulia Investments Limited to explore the development potential of their important six-acre site near the Norfolk Hotel. This site is bounded by Harry Thuku Road, Kijabe Street and the Nairobi River.

Following investigations of the site, orientation, market and financing factors, a phased development was designed featuring the first luxury apartments to be built in central Nairobi with their own swimming pool and facilities and integrated with office development on the same site. It was decided not to develop the site to its maximum permissible density, but to design the project to a height limit of six-storeys with a stepped/staggered design for the 36 one-bedroom and studio flats and 36 three-bedroomed duplex apartments. This design form gives large balconies to all flats with covered parking underneath, and generous gardens and spaces between the buildings to create a pleasant human environment.

This development has proved a most successful mix, and has introduced to Nairobi the convenience of down-town flats with adjacent shopping, hotel and entertainment facilities, and, of course, nearness to work to reduce commuting time and costs. The first phase of apartments and offices was completed in 1978 and the second phase of office building was added in 1979. Future expansion is planned for both office buildings.

Client: Kulia Investments Limited
Project Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Gross Area: 14000sq.metres
Completion : 1987
Project Partner: David Bristow