• December 14, 2011

Rapid Kate Services

Rapid Kate Services

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The project consist of 11 No. Warehouses and a Three Storey office block approximately 3000 Square Meters for the management of Rapid Kate operations.

The warehouses are located along Mombasa Road near the Airport Junction. The warehouses are partly used by the client for logistic purposes which include handling goods in transit and the other warehouses are used for rental purposes.

The development is served by a 30 meter wide spine road which enables trucks manoeuvarability while handling cargo.

In handling waste water, we installed an onsite sewer handling system which allows re-use of about 60% of the waste water for toilets and cleaning to ensure economy in the use of borehole water.

The total project cost for the building work was 320 Million. The project was completed November, 2011 and an Occupation Permit obtained.

Client: Rapid Kate Services LTD
Project Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Gross Area:12500sq. metres
Completion : 2011
Project Director: Charles Ndungu
Project Architect: Henry Gitau