• December 18, 2007



800 600 Triad Architects

Triad Architects was commissioned by Safaricom Ltd in February of 2007 to carry out the roll out refurbishment of their Retail and Care Centres.
These Centres are designed to provide one stop retail and customer care service. Similar designs are roll out to the customer care centres around the country. The general shop space size is 2000 square feet on average. The shop design is based on the customer journey from point of entry to fi nal service required.

The design employs simple color tones and focuses on branding and one on one contact with the customer. Triad Architects is working closely with the project manager and client along with other consultants for a successful completion and roll out of the centres.

Client: Safaricom Kenya Ltd
Project Location: Kenya
Gross Area: Various
Completion : Various
Project Partner: James Gitoho
Project Architect: Gloria Mwamwa