• February 13, 2019



1080 721 Triad Architects

The peak of Kilimani, along Valley Road, Kenya is no longer silent since the completion of THE AEA PLAZA, a 10-Storey Office building . As you drive along Valley Road from the CBD of Nairobi, the new building strikes you with its eloquent language giving it clarity amongst its austere neighbors.

Its bold and brightly painted facades reflect light, warmth and high spirits in the Kilimani area, a testament to its ecumenical inspirations. The Association of Evangelicals in Africa (AEA) tasked Triad Architects with the brief to design an office building to serve as their Africa Head-quarters as well as grow their cashflow, through leasing of space to sister organizations and the general public.

AEA Plaza Front yard

AEA Plaza Backyard

The AEA PLAZA provides 650 square meters or 6,990 square feet of lettable area on each of its 10 floors. The Floors are characterized by picturesque views of the Nairobi City CBD below. Moreover, the building stands alone in the premises, free from surrounding buildings, shadows or obstacles. This gives one the advantage of enjoying natural lighting and ventilation.

A view of the outside from the inside

Office space achieve natural lighting and ventilation

The AEA PLAZA additionally has 100 outdoor car parking slots, a backup generator, firefighting systems, rainwater & council water storage tanks and 2No. modern lifts that are automatically linked to the fire evacuation system. The AEA PLAZA also has a chapel on the 8th Floor.

The building takes advantage of its natural site, with the floor to ceiling curtain walling windows creating a subtle transition from the outside to the inside on the lower floors making users one with nature.

Back view of AEA Plaza

Building and nature

Landscaping around the building

The outdoor is consciously landscaped , adding life to the ambience of the AEA PLAZA. The collection of landscaping features and ornamental plants effortlessly display the capacity & creativity of the designers.

The building is due to be officially launched in April, 2019 and is currently being let out.