• June 19, 2019



1080 607 Triad Architects

The new building that meticulously sits as an outstanding corner building in Kilimani, Nairobi has been opened by the Anglican Archbishop of Kenya, Jackson Ole Sapit few weeks after achieving practical completion. Given the name The Arch Place, the building was commissioned to offer quality, standard and modern office spaces in the competitive Nairobi’s market.

The building designed by Triad Architects for the Church Commissions of Kenya as its Head Office has 11 floors that enjoy the angular and partly perpendicular face to Nyangumi road. Sitting between two roads, Nyangumi and Turbo, The Arch Place accurately makes use of this intersection by commanding visibility with its glazed façade and grey plastered masonry walls and white frame that seem to hold everything together.

Beside achieving a landmark identity through its corner facade and its peaceful existence with its surrounding, the pellucid frontage works against direct sunlight and harmful solar rays. Nonetheless, The Arch Place enjoys fully the benefits of natural lighting and ventilation from its considerable room depths and its orientation placement. The glazing facing Nyangumi and Turbo Roads at an angle allows panoramic views of the city under the sun in all its 11 floors. The facade is constantly being broken by varying sizes of rectangular features that break monotony of its glassy character. The Arch Place is barely unnoticeable.

The new building has a total area of 11500 sq feet of lettable office space with adequate parking provided in the basement, ground and the mezzanine floors. Landscaped spots appear creatively to soften the hardscapes generated by the design requirements of the building.

Occupants safety has well been established from the design to the completion of this masterpiece. It has security features in totality, back up generators and huge water storage tanks that keeps you working even with power failure or interrupted municipal water supply respectively. The design is well crafted in consideration of physically challenged people making it one of the most reliable buildings in Kilimani. Disasters such as fire and flooding management systems are well installed giving users the comfort of world class working spaces.

Pleased by the delivery of this building by Triad Architects, the client through the Archbishop praised the construction team led by the architects and promised to work with them in the future. The Archbishop addressed courage emphasizing that its only through it that such marvelous pieces of architecture can be put up to cater for challenges in the present and the future.