• May 31, 2021



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Have you ever wondered if there is a relationship between how a company does its interior design and its brand identity? Or is there a connection between branding and interior design? For anyone keen on design and brands, you might see a relationship between the two. Some corporations are aware that interior design helps in establishing strong branding. While this may be consistent all through their franchises or across their headquarter branches, it is not a coincidence or by chance.

What is interior branding?

Company branding does not end when the logo has been established and a company slogan has been formulated. Neither does it stop when a website has been set up. Branding carries through into the customer experience, service and feeling exerted to a client when they visit your physical work environment. Therefore, it is important to understand that interior design is essentially an extension of brand identity and the customer experience in a physical space.

A brand identity is what makes you, your physical space, products, or services unique and stand out against the competition. Design elements and features such as lighting, materials, colors, and furniture layouts are used by designers to establish an identity that benefits your brand and business. The elements and design features contribute to creating familiarity and recognition for new or returning customers.

Triad Interior Designers have the knowledge and skills to design and incorporated features and elements that evoke brand excitement whenever a customer enters your business doors.

Importance of interior branding

Bringing your interior design in line with your overall business branding can be extremely beneficial to communicating your vision, core values, and company culture. Interior design provides you with an opportunity to express your ideas and your belief principles. For example, as a company, if you focus on sustainability and eco-friendly products, you can broadcast this in your physical space design by employing the use of recycled materials and energy-efficient fixtures. This alone can attract like-minded talents and clients that share in your belief.

In fully making use of interior branding, you reinforce and assure your employees and clients of a strong business brand. This method allows a physical work environment to be an additional sensory communication tool. Interior design has a unique way of telling your brand story without your direct input. For example, a customer can build a visual expectation of your physical environment from your services and products.

Interior branding has a direct impact on your revenues. Clients and customers are able to value you from that branding and pay you accordingly.  Therefore, when designing your physical working environment, you want your service/product to be felt within the spaces. This in turn directly impacts the overall success of your company.

Customers make decisions based on memories, expectations, feelings, stories, experiences, and relationships. Interior branding can make use of these attributes to positively create a visual identity brand.

Interior Design branding for Microsoft Offices Nairobi

Render of GTC Office Entrance lobby

Translation of branding to interior design

A proven way to crating branded interior spaces is to have design collaborations and schedules. At TRIAD, we ensure to capture all the descriptive words and expectations of your brand.

Start by reevaluating your existence. ‘Who are we?’, ‘What makes our business unique?’, ‘What do we want our customers/clients to feel when they walk into our spaces?”. These questions help to spark exceptional descriptive words that can help the designer collect images that form a concept for your interior space. Further, they help you to describe your brand using graphics, colors, textures and expected experiences.

Unfortunately, Interior branding is not free. It is important to consider your budget when conceptualizing your design project. The cost can vary widely depending on the scope of the project, material selection, design themes and priority details. Design planning help in keeping you within budget.

Hire Interior Design professionals.

Since branding is a pivotal element in your business, the need to get it right cannot be underlooked. Branded interior design is a critical tool to enforce and strengthen your business experience and maintain customer bonds.  To help you design and build within all considerations, hit your target market, and make lasting impressions, you need interior branding professionals.

Interior branding professionals are experts in incorporating your company’s branding philosophy to your physical interior spaces. Triad Interior Designers will ensure your brand is done right to capture all your brand strategy and deliver experiences.