• February 9, 2021



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At a junction of two roads in Tena Estate off Manyanja Road, that is served by Outer Ring Road, Triad Architects has completed a high-rise residential building for Njuwangu Ltd. The construction duration of 16 months has led to the transformation of this area through a charming corner apartment building that towers among its neighbors. Triad has successfully completed the supervision and handed over the building to the client for letting.

Sitting on a 622sqm land, the apartment block rises 9 floors above ground. The ground floor provides 21 car parking slots for the total 56 apartment units, a generator room, and a refuse collection room. The floors above ground, which are typical, provide one 1-bedroom unit, two studio apartment units and four 2-bedroom apartment units per floor.

The building is fully designed to make use of daylighting and natural ventilation for the well being of its users. The orientation of the plot dictates the shape of the footprint and therefore an east – west orientation was most practicable. The internal spaces receive the eastern morning sun however the implementation of balconies act as a shading device.  The internal spaces receive minimal direct sunlight with apertures along the corridor being high level reducing direct sun penetration. The window opening allow for daylighting without the need of artificial lights during daylight hours.

The plot is open to two streets providing a vast canvas for façade design exploration that was completed in beige and grey, with white balconies that project evenly to soften its verticality.

The building achieved its practical completion in December 2020 and is fully let.