• March 14, 2016

UAP Tower

UAP Tower

800 480 Triad Architects

Located in Upperhill, Nairobi, UAP Tower rises 35 floors above ground, and has solid dichromatic facades that host a translucent pyramid at the top with a project mast that shoots to the sky.

The tower was designed, and construction supervised by BPM Architects International in collaboration with TRIAD for Old Mutual UAP Insurance LTD. Completed in 2015, the tower shelters office spaces that are leased out to corporates.

It provides 29000 sqm of office space and 824 car parking slots. It is an iconic landmark in Nairobi for its prominent height and solid walling.

Client: UAP Provincial Insurance Co. LTD
Project Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Completion : 2016
Gross Area:24,000sq. metres
Category: Commercial
Project Director: James Gitoho
Project Architect: Julius Talaam