Africa has been a laboratory for architectural innovation and experimentation. Discover the stories behind some of the continent’s most significant buildings and and awe-inspiring monuments.

For any hospitality interior ‘ambience’ is not just a fancy word. It is about an unforgettable experience, a rejuvenating gateway and unsurpassed quality of services. We are sensitive to this and our approach is to design creative and unique spaces that meet current international standards and are unfused with an elegant local flair.

Whether a hotel, restaurant, bar or café, Triad Architects aims to create Africa’s inspired destinations. We aim to deliver cutting-edge, brand-led and bottom line driven hospitality interiors. We understand the true meaning of ambience, and can create designs that have international standards with local flair.

The customer experience- be it shopping or banking is the most important aspect of retail interior design. We design spaces so that the finished product will be a creative.

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Structural Innovation- Gold

Car & General

Residential- Bronze

Longonot Place

Leisure- Bronze

Mpata Club, Masaai Mara

Institutional - Gold

Margaret Thatcher Library,
Moi University