Urban Planning


Urban planning is a political and technical process that is focused on the development and design of land use and the built environment. It includes planning of resources such as air and water, infrastructure networks passing into and out of urban areas (transportation, communications, and distribution networks), zoning, building codes, policies, and regulations. Its focus is majorly on structure, policy, and implementation strategy level with the result processes being documented within a Master plan.

Urban design, on the other hand, is the creation of city/town/street features based on Master plans. Urban design involves the design of buildings, groups of buildings, public spaces and landscapes, transportation, and infrastructure. It is focused on design and user experience and operates at the features and systems level.

Triad Architect’s is involved in Urban planning and Urban design processes that establish systems and frameworks that shape our cities and the lives of the people within them, through creating sustainable and resilient cities. The Built environment is a physical result of both processes; influenced by various social, economic, political, and environmental process associated with the needs of society.

Triad Architect’s collaborates with private actors as well as regional/city authorities; to adopt and improve plans, policies, and designs for more efficient, socially inclusive, cohesive, and connected cities that are resilient to climate change and promote sustainable urban development.

Our practice focuses on creating resilient regions, cities, neighborhoods in managing the impacts climate change and other challenges faced such urban sprawl, housing inequality, car- oriented transport systems, environmental degradation. Our work operates from micro scale of street furniture and design, to macro scale of the urban structure (infrastructure and transport networks, planning, zoning).

Key planning and design principles that guide our sustainable process include; diversity, density, and social mix; street network and connectivity; pedestrian and public transit-oriented transport systems; place making in creation of engaged communities; respect and integration of natural systems; local resource production and use; mixed land use urban environment forms and typologies.

We work within a collaborative and multi-disciplinary capacity, in shaping the physical setting for life in cities, towns, and neighborhoods; through establishment of frameworks and processes that facilitate successful development. Our goal being the creation of sustainable and flexible spaces that improve the quality of life for people living, working, and traveling within the built environment. Our experience over the years range from mixed-used development, affordable housing, industrial and institutional developments, residential developments, CBD regeneration, public transport zones.


Structural Innovation- Gold

Car & General

Residential- Bronze

Longonot Place

Leisure- Bronze

Mpata Club, Masaai Mara

Institutional - Gold

Margaret Thatcher Library,
Moi University